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buying a used car: method of payment?

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    buying a used car: method of payment?

    When you buy a used car, what's your recommended method of payment?

    Cash in bills?

    Personal check?

    Bank check?

    Money order?

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    Re: buying a used car: method of payment?

    Bank Check

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    Re: buying a used car: method of payment?

    Either a loan check or straight cash, depending how much money we are talking about. Every time I have went to look at a car that was under $5,000 I went with cash in hand. You can usually get them to drop the price more if you have the cash with you.

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    Re: buying a used car: method of payment?

    Loan or cash.

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    Re: buying a used car: method of payment?

    why I would take cash or cashiers check thank you very much!


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