We've found recently that it was time to readdress a few of our very few rules. As such, our BANNABLE OFFENSES policy has been updated. It's not open to interpretation. If anyone is found to commit the following from here on in, they will be banned. What you're reading in this post is the only explanation needed/given:

(8) Bannable Offenses - We don't like banning people and prefer to let the community govern itself as much as possible. Occasionally people make that a difficult policy to follow by crossing unwritten lines of decency. With that said, here are some things that will be considered grounds for banning:

Racism / Bigotry - It's 2020, stop being a tool.
Libel - Making false accusations, especially those with the potential for legal ramifications.
Threats/Harassment - If you can't handle participating on an internet forum without going there, then you suck and aren't welcome here.

For a complete list of rules, feel free to have another look: http://www.nestreetriders.com/forum/...p?do=showrules