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Another NEDSM guy with a Suzuki

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    Another NEDSM guy with a Suzuki

    Hey all, I'm Dominic from RI and I just bought my first bike around a month ago. Another NEDSM guy sold me a blue 2002 Katana 600 for a price I couldn't refuse at the time. I finished the obligatory MSF course last Friday and got my permit yesterday, then came right home and got the bike to ride it to work. Between buying it and yesterday, I picked up some of the cosmetic stuff it needed, performed a valve adjustment, changed the plugs, tore down the carbs into a million pieces to clean the brown gel out, sync'ed the carbs, changed the oil, replaced the shift lever, and overall just tried to get familiar with it. RT to work and back was only 20 miles and since I was up at 3AM I didn't have it in me to ride anymore last night after dinner. Earl washed me out today but I feel very lucky to have gotten legal in time for a good weather long weekend. In case anyone wants to tell me to be ready for the first time I drop it, that's out of the way also. I was mid dismount in my driveway yesterday and the gf scared the shit out of me and it ended up going away and to the right so since I still had a grip the 500lb pig just went over in slow-mo. THAT was one of the main reasons I opted for a cheap used bike over something new and shiny. I am looking forward to gradually increasing my skills and just enjoy being outside with a cool breeze blowing in my face, or the part not covered by my full face helmet for that matter.

    Enough for an intro post?

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    Re: Another NEDSM guy with a Suzuki

    Enjoy the show.

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    Morning Dom..Congrats! Saw a post that Earl has washed up a lot of sand..watch out!

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    Re: Another NEDSM guy with a Suzuki

    Welcome Dominic. There's a lot of us here.

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