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2009 Camaro spy shots!

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    Re: 2009 Camaro spy shots!

    Quote Originally Posted by bump909 View Post
    they did? i thought they anticipated a hit with the new styled mustang. the mustang has always sold well because of it's name.. the camaro didn't survive as well on name alone.
    i'm sure ford anticipated a hit. people always say every time the mustang or anything is redesigned that it won't sell. look at the new sti

    your right the stang name always held more weight then the white trash camaro. i'd still take a high reving small block 69 z28 any day.

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    Re: 2009 Camaro spy shots!

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb View Post
    they said that about the mustangs too and they sold a shit load of them.
    I thought they anticipated that it would sell well.
    Quote Originally Posted by joeswamp View Post
    I disagree, nostalgia is about the only way you can go with these cars. When you think "Camaro" you don't think high tech cutting edge, you think of a big gas-guzzling V8 powered car that leans over and pops off its hubcaps when it goes around corners too fast.

    I think it looks cool. If GM management were competent they'd have done this ten years ago.
    I wasn't saying the use of nostalgia is a bad idea. It's certainly a good one, but often they fuck it up. Looking at this camaro, I think it sucks.

    Another good example would be the ford t-bird.

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