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Auto Financing (advice?)

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    Re: Auto Financing (advice?)

    well a friend of mine has as the exact truck i want, same color and everything, 2005 with like 28k miles on it and he offered me a killer deal....I wanna figure out a way to buy it asap. If it doesn't work out with that truck then i'll be playing the dealership game.

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    Re: Auto Financing (advice?)

    Quote Originally Posted by bbhzx10 View Post
    Try the dealer first, they have buy rates lower than you'll ever get from a CU, however if they suck you won't get that rate.
    I have to disagree with this statement and here's why:

    GSCU had an "Anything With Wheels" promotion when I was buying my FZ1 in 2004....keep in mind it was a brand new leftover....the dealer said 5%, GSCU said 3.65%

    When I was going for a newer car in 2003, I found a 2001 Subie RS...dealer said 9%, MFCU said 6.5%

    In 2006 I found a 2005 Legacy GT....dealer said 8.5%, again, GSCU did me right and said 5.25%

    And now with my 2001 Ranger, (GSCU FTW!) I got 6.5%....dealer didn't even come back with a number because they said they couldn't even touch that.

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    Re: Auto Financing (advice?)

    The dealership buy rates are lower than your CU rates, depending on the banks they deal with, however the guy in the finance office gets paid on what he charges you. They figure if they are competative you'll go with them because it's easier, and they make a couple of points on you to pay for the watch and gold chains. I'mnot saying they will give you the buy rate, but they can do alot better than you'd think. Of course if they don't like you they can really screw you too. I saw a guy get approved for 7% and they signed him up at 18%!

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