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Awesome rant from the RC51 forum

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    Awesome rant from the RC51 forum

    This is from a guy named group 23 on the RC51 forums. I love it!!


    Yeah, I got some issues. First off, Who in the fuck think's Carrot Top is funny? Every time I see one of those phone commercials with him I wanna shoot myself, Then him. I'm really trying to improve my Karma, But sometimes shit just aint right. The stoopid old man in the fast lane driving at 50 mph with his left turn signal flashing for the last eight to ten miles. Plus he's wearing them wraparound glasses. Does he actually think he's going to get laid by wearing them? My wife has instructions just to take me out to some secluded area and put a bullet in my head if I ever start acting like that. I could go on forever about the dumbasses out on the road. People on cell phones,People throwing cigarette butt's, The kid drivin the Escort "L" model with the 30k stereo system, Etc. Oh I got other shit that make's me think "What the Fuck"? How about the bald guy with the ponytail? Almost anytime I see someone with a body piercing (other than some hot chick's navel) I think to myself, Hey maybe I should grab my cordless Makita with a 1/4" bit, Drill a hole. Then install a 6mm bolt (with nyloc nut) in my cheek. I know I'd get more pussy then. Chewing tobacco? Why not just grab a hunk of beauty bark from the next-door neighbors yard and gnaw on that. People who don't speak English working the drive thru window @ Jackinthebox? jewanfryswidat? This is no shit, I asked for a strawberry shake. She replied "We don't have strawberry cake". I said howabout a Strawberry milkshake then, Oh and by the way this is to go.
    Or they ask if you want to SuperSize your order, I say sure. Then when you get your order the fry container is about half full. But by this time your 6 miles away. Email? I got three people that haven't a fricken clue as to who they get or send there emails to. If I get something from one of them, I know within the next day or so I'll be getting it from the other two idiots. And I never send them anything cuz I know I'll get it right back from them. Another favorite thing is the email with the eleven forwards, And by the time you have opened the tenth, you find out that you saw the same joke or chain letter five week's ago. Who like's it when the phone ring's while your changing the oil or something fun like that in the garage (no caller I.D. in there). And its some sacklicker wanting to sell you some new windows,siding or long distance service? I'll ask who it is, then hang up. If it's a woman I'll ask what she's wearing, Then she hang's up. Have ya ever been watching a car or motorcycle race and the announcer sez "the two are battling over first & second place". Yeah the leader is thinking I sure hope I get second. Have you ever been waiting for an elevator and after you have pushed the down or up button some dipshit comes along and pushes the same fucking glowing button? I always say "I must not have pushed that right, Gee I'm so glad you came along". Then the stupid ass stands right in front of the doors so no one can get off. I was at Barnes & Nobel last week buying Roadracing World, after I paid for it the chick sez, Would you like a bag? I said "Of what?" The fucking dentist is a good place for fun also. They say "You might feel some pressure". Bullshit... It's going to hurt. Watching the news is great, They tell ya how they're looking for some dude wanted for a crime & say "It's not known if the suspect has a criminal past" But the picture they show ya of him he's holding numbers under his chin. Have you been to the store standing in the 10 items or less line with a can of RedBull and some old hen in front of you with 15 different kinds of fruit needs to borrow a pen to write her check? Move it bitch. So by now you must think I'm a real prick, Good.
    I got rule's.
    #1. Don't touch my remote, The faceshields on my helmets, The mirrors, radio/cd or windows of my truck.
    #2. If I'm watching a race, Keep your pie hole shut.
    #3. Don't open or touch my Cyclenews or any of my magazines before I read them.
    #4. If ya don't like my dogs stay the fuck out of my yard. Cuz they will knock you down.
    #5. Never ever buy me anything with Nike on it.
    I think I'm done with this part of my manifesto. Oh.........One more thing , It looks like that "Dude your gettin a Dell" kid got the boot.

    Other topics not covered:
    People talking in the movie theater.
    Really fat chicks wearing Spandex.
    Local Motion stickers.>>

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    "Too bad ponies are assholes."


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    rant RC51

    Degsy... My stomach hurts, and I almost pissed myself!
    That was funny shit bro!

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    " Never create what you can't control "

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    Awesome rant from the RC51 forum

    Heh Heh...

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    Chris J.
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    "How does he know where we're going?"
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    Awesome rant from the RC51 forum

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    WWSD? (what would Sneakers do?)
    "for every credibility gap, there is a gullibility fill"
    jeff f
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