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that ball was out

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    that ball was out

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisNoF4i View Post
    Your comments in this thread remind me of ME, a fucktard. That is all.
    fixed that for ya

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    Originally Posted by hammadown .....
    The rule is:
    If even Zip Tie Alley says, "no you shouldn't use a zip tie on that" you REALLLLLLY shouldn't use a zip tie on that! lol

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    that ball was out

    Quote Originally Posted by TESTINGurTOMATO View Post
    fixed that for ya
    Oh no! He pulled the old switcheroo on me!

    If you haven't read the article that The New Yorker did on Manny... I suggest giving it a gander. It is a fascinating look at a fascinating individual. It's long and it has some big words in it that you might need help pronouncing, but I think you'll get the gist of it.

    The Sporting Scene: Waiting for Manny: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

    Cop: Manny, I'm going to give you a ticket.
    Manny: I don't need any tickets, I can give you tickets.

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    Support the Troops! (Except for Mondo, that guy's a dick)

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    that ball was out

    good article

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