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I wouldn't say you are ruining a dark beer, but more like using it to bring up the value of the light beer.

Guiness on top of nesr race fuel ( I made this for a daytona 200 party) basically an Ipa with %9 alcohol

I am sure there are others I have missed.

Exactly Sean to bring up the value of light beer! Nice explanation!

Great idea mixing the Race Fuel and Guiness! Can we try it at you party? I'll bring planty of Guiness if you do some brewin!

So Tonights experiments brought us:
Guiness and Wachusett Country ale.. For every experiment you will have failures.. This was ok but the guiness over took the taste completely, all this did was pretty much water down the guiness and not do a thing to the flavor.. Still drinkable though!

Next was a successfull mix using Harpoon Hibernian. I am still sipping on this now! Very tasty, but the Guiness would not float, just mixed in..

Off to check the frigde for something else to mix. Maybe Molson Brador !