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Blake Mitsubishi can kiss my ass.

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    Angry Blake Mitsubishi can kiss my ass.

    Long story short - my passenger side window switch is broken, so I can roll my window down, but not up.

    I brought the car there to get it looked at. I called first and said "I put a friend's switch on and it works, so the problem is the switch. Please order me a new one and I'll just pick it up. You don't even have to install it."

    No deal. So I had to drive up there and wait around for 4 hours so that they could come back and say "Hey! It's the switch." I even took the door panel apart for them.

    A week goes by and I call back asking what the fuck is up, because it's 90* out and I'd like to roll my window down, thanks very much. Here's the fun part:

    Because I changed out the stock speakers, they aren't going to warrantee the window switch. Correlation between the two? No fucking idea.

    I've bought three cars there. Twice they sent me away with bad information, and unregistered car, and once they fucked up the sales tax that was rolled into my payment. I went to the registry with $400, and needed $1400. (I went from buying a car to a lease..)

    So now I'm waiting for them to call me back. I told them that I'd either be getting my shit fixed under warranty, or they'd be sending a representative to small claims court to argue to the judge the rationale behind a speaker making a power window switch break.

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    Right now:

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    I'd say that's some hearty word-of-mouth bad publicity for them, wouldn't you?

    Fucking fuckkity fuckers. Fuck.

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    Thumbs down start making noise in show room helps 2

    not 2 mutch tho dont get arested fuck um dont take it lieing down way 2 go fuck the spelling

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    Blake Mitsubishi can kiss my ass.

    Beet, I LIVE for your posts. I actually understood that one a bit. I want some of the crack you are smoking...

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