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I think I broke my trailer jack...

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    I think I broke my trailer jack...

    I have an electric trailer jack like this.

    My batteries died and I went to "manually" crank it with my impact because I wanted to get things done quickly. Except I forgot to release the break. So, while I can now easily raise the front my trailer it will free fall to the ground the moment I remove the crank.

    My guess is I broke some gear and now it's no more than a glorified paper weight. I've already bought a replacement but it won't be here before the next time I need to use the trailer. And here's my question. Any thoughts on how I can lower the trailer onto my hitch but somehow be able to remove the drop leg so I don't grind it down to nothing on my drive to Loudon? The issue is the drop leg is longer than the ground clearance I have once the trailer is on the hitch.

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    Re: I think I broke my trailer jack...

    Have a floor jack? Have jack stands?

    If not, acquire both (you will use them throughout life)

    Use the floor jack to get the tongue on/off the ball. Set it on the jack stands while you’re parked. It ain’t graceful but it’ll get it done. Also you can buy any of these items at your local 24 hr Walmart.

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