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Check it Yo! Oakley introduces MP3 Sunglasses...

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    Check it Yo! Oakley introduces MP3 Sunglasses...

    got the oakley cat last week...first thought - who the fuk would buy those pieces of shit...

    I think I found my answer

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    Check it Yo! Oakley introduces MP3 Sunglasses...

    $500 !
    Cool idea, but I'll never get them.. They look strange when you flip the lenses for indoor usage..

    I already have a very kewl and small 256mb MP3 and a pair of nice Oaks so I'm all set..

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    Check it Yo! Oakley introduces MP3 Sunglasses...

    ya, i saw those yesterday too... Great for the beach, or boating.. costly though, jeesh..

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