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Copart Salvage Auction

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    Copart Salvage Auction


    Thoughts? Past experiences?

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    Re: Copart Salvage Auction

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambunctous View Post

    Thoughts? Past experiences?

    Very Expensive Fees. Go look before you buy. Usually old pictures

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    Re: Copart Salvage Auction

    I found a guy through a facebook group for BMWs that can bid on Copart.
    10% of your max bid as a deposit plus a flat $200 fee to get in the door with him, he's a registered dealer. Once he wins, he pays Copart and they mail all the paperwork to him and he forwards it to you with some stuff to fill out for his records and gives you a prepaid return envelope to send back to him, very easy to work with.
    If you're interested I can put you in touch with him.
    I ended up buying a donated 2003 BMW 745Li for $400 but with his fees and copart, it was around 900 all in. It took about 3 listings of the car for them to finally agree to my $400 max bid.
    Had it delivered to Brockton from Billerica for $150 thru uShip.com

    The auction didn't say if it ran or not which was a HUGE gamble. It showed up with a bad battery and a broken windshield which was tough to see in the Copart pics. I threw a jumper pack on it and it fired right up but had almost no gas. No smoke either which is a big problem with those 4.4L engines.

    Title came in the previous owners name and I found her on facebook and sent her a short message asking if she had donated a BMW recently. She replied that it was a great car and the only problem was a leaky sunroof which was just a clogged drain I cleaned out and she didn't want to deal with selling it so she took the tax write off.

    I suggest signing up for a free account because you can access the Autocheck report.

    I've noticed YouTube clowns have kind of set the copart prices on fire currently but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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