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I got new crap.

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    I got new crap.

    I got a patch bay! Woo hoo!

    Partway through wiring the back. I didn't take a pic of the finished product, but it's all happy and neat now.

    All put back together. Patch bay's the 4th rackspace down, under the vocal processor. Integrated everything now - I can run anything through anything just by patching up the front panel. Coolest of all is that the top row of patches "default" patch to the ones below it - so my top 1/2 are in from my preamp, bottom 1/2 are out to the power amp. Basically if I just want to jam, I don't have to patch anything at all.

    If I want to run into cakewalk:

    The lower 3/4/5 ports patch to this breakout box which runs into my PC and right into Cakewalk. Just patch the top 1/2 to lower 3/4 and I'm there. Before I'd have to go behind and physically rewire everything, which sucked ass.

    The 5 port is for my midi/drum sequencer (it's in a closed leather binder thing - the thing above my speaker cab with the cable plugged into it). I have it patched IN to Upper-3. I have a surround processor, a my stereo/reciever and cakewalk IN all patched on the bottom, so I can play through my stereo, run it to cakewalk, or run it through the sound processor and THEN to cakewalk by just patching ports together on the front.

    All for about $100. Cool, huh?

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    I got new crap.

    Ummm.....hmmm.....yip. That's the way I woulda set it up too....

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    hey what u got for a gitar ???

    nice nice

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    Talking I got new crap.

    We could always use some electricians on these airplanes here......

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