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Cutting the cable cord

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    Re: Cutting the cable cord

    Quote Originally Posted by Degsy View Post
    Thanks. that's reassuring. Anyone have a recommendation for a good router. I'm going from xfinity to fios. Will I need a cable box and a router, just a router or what?

    Here I come many months later. :-) If you have money to burn, go with a mesh (eero or AmpliFi HD); you can also just take the FiOS "gateway router". However, for shorter, and some would say smarter money, you can get an AC1900 and/or AC3200 router and just purchase repeater/extenders to boost the signal through the home; save yourself $100-200. I am not advocating that there are not potential issues with this aforementioned setup but then again, in the wireless world, nothing is perfect. I recently added two eero pro's to my house; impressive devices even if simplistic. If you do not want to pay (or do not need it; I didn't) the $10+/month rental for the FiOS router, get a direct CAT6 handoff from the FiOS ONT box; they have no problem with this (just request). Plug that CAT6 drop into your wireless router (or other) and you are good to go.

    As for bandwidth I recently upgraded to 300/300MBps. I got this at ~ the same cost as my 50/50 because they are offering 300/300 to new customer for the same price (I bitched). Long story short....when a device is streaming 1080P video its really only using ~3-5MBps of the connection. So 50/50 or 100/100 is more than enough for most. However, if you are a 4K home...you will use ~ 2 to 3X the bandwidth when streaming. My 300/300 is awesome when I install a game on XBox or PC...takes minutes for a 20GB game; just insane but not necessary.

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