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Decent Free Inventory Software?

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    Decent Free Inventory Software?

    I buy and sell various types of car parts on the side. I am by no means a full fledged E-commerce company and am just a single individual, most stuff gets sold on forums or to a few frequent buyers or on eBay. I was using Excel to keep track of costs and profits and that's just not feasible anymore.

    Is there any decent software for tracking that as well as inventory? Costs vary depending on where the items so I'd need something I can put the cost of each item into as well as shipping costs and sold costs and have an active Inventory and sold items.

    Maybe too much to ask? I dunno. Would prefer pc based but mobile is ok.

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    Re: Decent Free Inventory Software?

    I hesitate to recommend anything I haven't used, but I've done some poking around on this myself.

    There are a bunch of free ones out there, but most fall into two camps: they're clunky, old school apps without a lot of active development, or they have a free version that quickly gets expensive as you add essential features. Odoo and Boxstorm are great candidates that fall into the latter camp.

    If you're willing to spend a little each month ($50-100) you could probably get all the features you need and more with a great, web-based system you could manage from any of your devices.

    For a truly free solution, one script did catch my eye:

    Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System) by Tecdiary | CodeCanyon

    That script from Tecdiary looks like it packs a lot of functionality into a clean, mobile-friendly interface for a super-cheap one-time $32 fee. Of course, you'll then need to install and host it somewhere, which can cost several bucks a month if you don't have a server (and cost/time for setup and configuration). If I were to try out an inventory manager I'd probably give this one a shot since I have the server space.

    That all said, when I'm researching apps for work I often use Capterra to start probing options. There are a bunch of inventory managers there to aid with your research:

    Best Inventory Management Software | 2018 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

    Will be curious to see what you end up with.

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    Re: Decent Free Inventory Software?

    I used inflow inventory for years running a high sales personal company. It worked perfectly until i sold it a couple years ago. Just looking at reviews it seems to be poorly rated now but thats the app version, the pc based one may still be fine. I would start there and see what you think. I do remember them being pretty helpful if you ran into any problems, particularly with setting it up. Even had an actual number you could call and talk to a human, in english.

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