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driveway sealing tips?

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    driveway sealing tips?

    Has anyone done this before? Any tips? Is there any way of making the job easier instead of paying someone else?

    I did a quick google and found this:
    -get a big squeegie, brushes, detergent, and sealer
    -for sealer there are 3 types (in ascending order of quality): asphalt, refined coal, and manmade polymer stuff

    Make sure it's 50 degrees or higher,

    1.) clean the driveway w' detergent and a thick-bristled brush, sweep it, and power wash it
    2.) fill in whatever size cracks w' the appropriate sealer, wait however long it takes to dry (usually a day)
    3.) start from one corner, use a large squeegee, and work w' small 10'x10' sections, and evenly-spread (not to thick or thin) sealer over the driveway
    4.) wait a few days for it to dry

    Anything else to it?

    Anyone want to do my parent's driveway?

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    driveway sealing tips?

    The warmer the better, let the driveway dry, and make sure it isn't going to rain. You're basically painting the driveway. Wear clothes (including shoes and socks) you can throw away when you're done. If the sun is out, it will be hotter then hell, and make sure not to paint yourself into a corner. Good Luck...

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    driveway sealing tips?

    oh man, i did this at an airport way back in '98. Wear crappy shoes, cuz no matter how careful you are, you'll get it on yer feet.

    There's really not a whloe lot to it, just kinda sucks that's all. I think the way I did it was I just poured a nice even line about 6" wide and squeegied in the direction of the line but w/ the squeegie at a 45* angle.

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    driveway sealing tips?

    its fairly simple....
    and sort of idiot proof.... i did it for my family when i was 10 yo.. every 3 years resealing it.

    even i could do it.

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    driveway sealing tips?

    It's just messy as hell, but the steps you've got are right.

    Just like anything else... it's all in the prep work.

    If you've got a lot of sand in/on your pavement try to get it out.

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    That shit sux

    We got owr driveway two days after the guy across the street mines still good his has cracks . He does his every two or three years

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