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That man has told the joke, "Why do divorces cost so much? because they're worth it!", more than once, I guarantee it.
Bernadette is one of the marina managers. Over the 4th of July holiday, a group of drunks were headed back to the marina at night, outside the marked channel, and ran aground maybe 100 feet from the marina. Fortunately, they were in a small jet boat, the bottom is soft, no one was hurt, and the tide was coming in so there was no major problem, it was simply an inconvenience for them until the tide lifted the boat off the sand, which does not take long. But being drunk, they did not see it that way and they started yelling to express their dissatisfaction and distress. One of them concluded that Bernadette had moved the channel buoys while they were out boating and that was why they were off course, so he was screaming "fuck you Bernadette!" at the top of his lungs. It was hysterical.