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educate me 401-k

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    Re: educate me 401-k

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonk! View Post
    If your plan is managed by an administrator, they should be monitoring your contributions and not allow you to go over......
    Well going over hasn’t been a concern of mine since I don’t max out but I thought what if!!
    My plan is through fidelity - if ever get close to maxing out what do I do, call them and tell them to not over contribute?

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    Re: educate me 401-k

    Most people’s employers automatically stop at the max, if it’s a payroll deduction.
    If you’re putting money away on your own, it’s on you, or the institution to not accept it.
    Similarly, I’ve not been in that situation either.

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    Re: educate me 401-k

    Mine stopped automatically when I maxed a little early last year. You can change you contributions online, though it takes a little time to go into effect. If you do go over, there is usually a form you can download to have it sent back to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if fidelity automatically sent something too.

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