hehehe, i am back form toronto... .some madHOT Women up there i tell ya!!!!! WWOOOOOP HOOOOOO!!!!

trafiic comeing home was hell though, almost 14 hours of driving yesterday to get from toronto to Rochester to Boston. what a long ass day.

anyways, i borrowed a minivan from a coworker for this trip. i hated every minute of driving the wedge shaped brick... but to make light of the situation, on friday i took the minivan to dragway back in Rochester Ny. and i did get laughed at a bit, but that thing put up a 17.1 at 82 mph. i really didn;t thinki it would break 60 mph on my way there. oh well. i beat a couple of civics, a neon, a PT cruise and an old lumina. and i lost to a 2002 silverado and pretty much everything else on the track. it was wicked cool to see some of these fucking rail cars and pro customs and shit.

there was a celebrity wagon. (well not really, just the nose of one) that put up a 7.61 at 179 mph. fucking fastest thing i have ever seen in real life and loud as hell too!!!!

it was a fun, but very long weekend.