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Fighting a speeding ticket in NH

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    Re: Fighting a speeding ticket in NH

    Quote Originally Posted by SVRACER01 View Post
    i think the whole "my insurance will go up" thing is a farce. yes, if you get multiple moving violations and the insurance sees it when its time to renew then your rates may go up. if you have a clean record and you get 1 ticket, its not going to affect anything...unless its a DUI or something major.
    Not a farce. I got a ticket for having headphones on in my car... I had no clue that was against the law, and I actually left one ear open. Turns out that you are allowed to have one earbud in but not one headphone on. That $40 ticket with no points shot my insurance up a ton.

    Also to add to that - this is the only ticket I've ever gotten. I actually later talked to the state trooper who issued the ticket and he told me I should have fought it. Since it didn't carry points, I didn't think it was worth fighting, but now I know.

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