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Firepit heat deflector DIY

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    Firepit heat deflector DIY

    This year my wife decided tobuy a Breoo firepit ( similar to a solo stove but doesnt look like a metal soda can)
    She hated the smoke...... this things works great.
    However the horizontal heat is lacking , not horrible butsay 30% less than a normal firpit maybe.

    Enter my idea.
    Looking to put fab something similar to this to push the heat horizontally


    but at much less the cost of $500

    I was thinking about buying a solo stove cover or a round piece of 304 SS and then asking the local welding shop to weld some Legs. Granted it woudl be flat. I dont think an inverted style would be much loss of heat vs flat. But I also dont know much about heat flow characteristics.

    Thoughts? is 304 SS enough to not melt on top of the firepit? grade for legs metal?
    I'm lost on what would be good grade metal to not melt etc.( It'd be stored out side and used at night so no one would really see any discoloration)

    Think I could get away with less than $ 200 to get this fabbed up?
    I was even thinking about using a patio heater heat deflector to further cheapen out.

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    Re: Firepit heat deflector DIY

    I have the 24 Breeo.

    Check this out https://amistadgrillco.com/products/...40194228584623

    I have been using the foot rest from them and its a nice addition. USA made also.

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    Re: Firepit heat deflector DIY

    your not building a big enough fire in the pit, believe me when I say there is no need for a deflector, unless you wanna be a hundred feet away

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