I just got off the phone with my old room mate from collge (Daniel Webster, class of 93). We both went to school to become airline pilots, he is now a stockbrocker at HR Block and I am a Litigation Consultant for Commerce Insurance. He wanted me to get a job doing stocks with him when we graduated, I declined as I hated the long hours and getting home at 10pm from clint's houses and shit. He is making $250k a year easy, I am making FAR less than that, I live in an average home worth $300k, he just bought some monstrocity worth $650k at least.

Aside froim the fact thatI kick my self in the ass for not being a stockbrocker like him, I just found out that our other friend is working at RI hospital as an anesthesiologist (sp?), and he was the biggest Pot head known to man, nick name was "Dead Head", and my other fried who was best known for his ability to out drink anyone (damn Greeks), and would drink a gallon of Capt Morgan in one sitting, now works as a security guard at the nuclear power plant in Pllymouth Mass, and now carries an M-16 at all times. That is some scarry shit. I can see it now...."Hey look out, the guy with Rum has a Gun.."