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Garage Door Insulation Kits (?)

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    Garage Door Insulation Kits (?)

    Came across one of those garage door insulation kits on Home Depot. Does anyone use them? Do they really make a differences? Some reviews report 10-15 difference after installing them but Iím find that hard to believe. They can be found for about $70 so the cost isnít crazy but if itís not going to do anything...
    Wanted to see if anyone has tried them here

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    Re: Garage Door Insulation Kits (?)

    I've literally had tabs open for this for a while meaning to get back to look into it further

    I'll share what I have open

    I still haven't committed to doing it, but will likely do so soon. I think applying them mid June is ideal

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    I'm sure it will help slightly. Considering heat/cold leaks in perpetuity from an area leaking insulation it's a good idea to put one in regardless to a garage thats connected to a house.

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    Re: Garage Door Insulation Kits (?)

    I'd only look into it if your garage doors have zero/minimal insulation already. When I got new garage doors I was told spending lots of money for nominally higher R-values in the highest trim wasn't worth it. I would look at air leaks; make sure your door is pressed up against the seals and the bottom seal is good.

    If you mean 10-15* warmer just from adding insulation to a garage door...i'd be very skeptical.

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