Got to CA a little while ago and was driving down the highway in a T-Shirt and the windows down. It's been a while since I could do that at home. I hear it's going to be -7 Tomorrow @ home !!! Yikes.

Bad thing about the weather here is I have to watch other people ride by enjoying thier bikes, when mine is home. : ( I saw about 30 bikes on the way to my hotel!

Just thought I would rub it in!!
Funny I didn't rub in my month trip to Ottawa where if it hit 0 degree's it was a heat wave. I was there the whole month of Feb.
Beautifull city, I will have to go back when it's warm.
I highly recommend visiting Ottawa, stay downtown if you can, tons of resturaunts and lots of things to see. I'll be going back possibly this summer for a weekend to visit a few people I met.
Of the city's I have seen so far Ottawa is the nicest and safest!