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Any GOOSE Hunters?

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    Any GOOSE Hunters?

    Any of you goose hunters in or near metrowest( massachusetts) going out saturday morning to shoot some geese?
    I have a gun, and a couple dozen decoys, anyone wanna hook up ?

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    open season these days?

    No shit, they open up for Canada Geese, eh? Finally, 'dem buggers are everywhere.
    I got shit-tons of ammo, but guns were stolen few years back (ATF'll come kickin' my door soon with them in plastic evidence bags...) So I won't be shooting anything for a while.

    Last Xmas, my brother-in-law and I were hanging in my garage looking for mischief while getting away from crowd. We dug up an old R/C plane, patched it (duct tape & rubber bands, nevermind the 150 dollar trip to hobbytown for supplies) and went out to local field. Got it in the air (a miracle) and flew cautiously in circles. The bro-in-law dares me to do a fly-by on the huge gaggle hanging out in the corner of field (think they were amazed I had that clump in the air too), so I go for it, completely loose control and slam the plane into the gaggle. Didn't even hit one, they all scattered and plane was in pieces. A cop had been parked on side of road and we looked over and saw him howling at the scene. 5 hours work & 150.00 to fly, 2 minutes of flight, and a busted up plane. But it was a crack up.

    So I ain't any good at killin' geese.

    Good luck. -J

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