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Help with carpentry questions

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    Re: Help with carpentry questions

    Quote Originally Posted by number9 View Post
    For cutting the molding itself, should I get a miter saw or can I get good results with a table saw & a sled?
    It's technically possible to do with a sled and a table saw but it's going to be a pain and the results would be less than ideal. A miter saw would be MUCH easier.

    You already have the table saw...If you plan on doing these kinds of projects in the future it's worth it to bite the bullet and get a miter saw and circular saw. At that point you'll have everything you need in terms of saws.

    Just something to keep in mind if you are hesitant to make the investment...You can do a lot to improve your house without hiring someone. It's a lot cheaper (even after you buy the equipment) and not that hard with the right tools. Hiring out work has been a huge pain for us. You make a bunch of calls, most don't respond, and in many cases the one's that do respond don't show up. We lost months on our third floor project when attempting to hire an electrician for only two days worth of work. We had two electricians come to our house, provide us with a quote, agree to do the work and then didn't show up, forcing us to start over each time. In most cases, the amount of time it took to find someone was much longer than it took for me to do it myself.

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    Re: Help with carpentry questions

    Just checking in here.. made a bunch of progress yesterday and will add some pics in a bit.

    Question: What is the best way to handle complex pieces? I've done the two easy walls in the room, but the other two walls have heaters on the baseboards and window sills on the walls. In other words, it aint gonna be easy.

    I got a contour gauge from Home Depot, so I guess I can use that to try and transcribe the shapes. Or should I get a few big pieces of cardboard, cut them with scissors, and then transpose that onto the headboard & cut it with a jigsaw?

    Help with carpentry questions-img_0776-jpg

    The mitered gap looks (slightly) better IRL than it does here, but I will probably end up covering it up with some outside corner molding. The brown bit at the very top of the miter is not a gap but slight damage to the panel itself. I'll sand, fill & paint it but hopefully that should be mostly hidden by the chair rail.

    As you can see, I elected to put the board on top of the baseboard. If this was a more important room in the house I would have pulled the baseboards off.. but right now I don't regret it.

    Help with carpentry questions-img_0775-jpg

    This is going to be a challenging wall. Scribing the baseboard heater should be easy enough (although it looks like the edges are rounded, they are virtually 90) but scribing in the window itself will be a challenge.

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