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Hey ..... T

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    Lifer oreo_n2's Avatar
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    Mar 2002
    Amherst, NH

    Hey ..... T

    Whats up homey... you walking yet or still gimpin' with the limp wrist

    wanna get wasted tonihgt??? I be getting my drink on, i finally got a night at home to just chill and get drunk. its been a while, i am long overdue.

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    ultrabuddy twrayinma's Avatar
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    Apr 2002

    Hey ..... T

    walking w/ crutches... rehabbing the wrist for strength & flexibility still.

    had a setback, though... there's a screw that's irritating the tissue in my knee, so it's coming out thursday.
    yes, i'm going under the knife again... in & out the same day, though, so it's not too bad.
    they claim it won't slow down my rehab, but who knows.

    tonight's no good, my brotha... but soon, i promise.

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