Try to Remember .. Smajor/Djohnson 11-04

Verse Chords E (Slide) A (Open) G
Chorus Chords A xxx C x G
Bridge Chords G D(Hammer) C (9th)

You take a road, and learn it's wrong
And yet it give's you, one more song
You live your life, you guess and pray
Yet You're no better off today

I don't know why, it has to be
I'm running in and out of me
Made mistakes, Like we all do
Now I'll roll the dice with you.... So I'll

Try to remember... (When the snow is comin down)
Try to remember... (When I'm nowhere to be found)
Try to remember... (guitar pause)
Back to another day.....

Sit and wonder, where it went
Was it really gone so fast
And all our time, is heaven sent
So nothin's really gonna last

We play along from day to day
While we loose ourselves inside
I know I've changed along the way
And I never really tried.. I guess I'll...

(Chorus repeat) Bridge..

Still we ask just where it goes
And hell, nobody really knows
We stumble onward in the dark
And we loose that precious spark... So I'll

(Chorus repeat 2X)