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Homeowner feedback: sump pumps

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    Re: Homeowner feedback: sump pumps

    Quote Originally Posted by JettaJayGLS View Post
    Seeing this just made me realize I never responded to you the other day!

    This is the system I just had installed. The whole system plugs into a normal 120v outlet, which powers both the main pump as well as the battery charger. The monitor keeps tabs on the battery and the pump, with notifications for everything (low battery, pump cycles, etc.). If power goes out it switches to the car battery and notifies you. I actually didn't check what battery we got...but that will be a large factor in how long the pump will run if power goes out.
    No worries about the delay! I clicked on your link and... that's about 4x more expensive than I expected

    Figured the year I shell the coin for the perimeter drain and sump install, is the year my basement doesn't flood. No cycles this spring. Guess that's a good thing actually.
    I guess it's like buying a new snowblower

    Quote Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post
    Bone dry? I'd wait and see.

    I would buy a replacement pump and keep it in a box next to the sump, ready to go in should the one you have die at a bad time.
    That's a pretty good idea. I'm a little (though not a lot) worried about losing power in a storm, hence the idea of 12V battery + inverter + trickle charger.

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    Re: Homeowner feedback: sump pumps

    Before this I had like a $100 one from Home Depot and a really old back-up that worked 50% of the time. It would run weeks on end and never crapped out on me, but without the perimeter drain the water would skim across the floor (even with a sump pump hole). I had a thread on here if you are interested in seeing more.

    Basement Waterproofing Options

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