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i'm not dwelling, i swear...

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    ultrabuddy twrayinma's Avatar
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    Apr 2002

    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    but w/ all the shit that's gone down, i thought it was important to make a list of the ways i'm very, very lucky...

    1) i'm still alive. we all know this isn't something to be taken for granted when a motorcycle accident or surgery/general anaesthetic is involved.
    2) no head injuries
    3) no neck injuries
    4) no spine injuries
    5) no internal organ injuries
    6) no road rash
    7) one of the first "civilians" on the scene happened to be an off-duty trauma surgeon who could instruct everyone else properly.
    8) one of the best orthopedic surgery teams just *happened* to be on their one-week-a-month rotation through the clinic i was taken to.
    9) i was able to get into one of the best rehab clinics in the city.
    10) health insurance hasn't squawked about *anything*. they even got me brand new equipment to rent at home, and unlimited physical therapy visits at home... we were afraid it'd be 3 times a week or worse.
    11) the other guy was found at fault.
    12) my mom's a physical therapist and my mother in law's a registered nurse... they know the questions we didn't think of.
    13) my wife just fucking rocks.
    14) i have a huge network of friends to cheer me on, keep me company, wish me well.
    15) it'll take time, but i'll be fine.
    16) i'll still have a job when the time comes.

    thanks everyone... y'all rock.
    i'll try to shut up now.

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    Bedford, MA

    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    Hey man,

    I've been thinking about #7 ever since you had your accident.

    How many of us know CPR & First Aid? I know I feel like a total idiot, I used to have quite a few certifications and they all expired once the most exciting thing to happen at my job was a computer crashing.

    Maybe that'll be my new years resolution. That and to put a bike first aid kit together.


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    Lifer oreo_n2's Avatar
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    Amherst, NH

    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    hey T,



    i love you too, you big homo!


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    Kosher Assassin Stoneman's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Center Barnstead, NH

    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    Dood! You forgot 13-A! Your wife gives REALLY good phone!

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    I'm Sorry, What? Jank's Avatar
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    North Walpole, NH

    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    Stop it, you're making me misty...

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    Posting Freak SWEET_Z's Avatar
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    i'm not dwelling, i swear...

    Don't forget the sympathy head cause you aren't able to be a mack daddy quite yet.


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