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    Mrs. Frankenstein
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    Mar 2002


    I swear... One of these days I'm gonna get you back for this...

    Last night Josh make some comment while we're out in the car and the first thing that came to my mind was an afroman song...

    I had that stupid thing stuck in my head alllllll freakin night!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

    Just not right ... Maybe that's why I had bad dreams last night lol.

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    Kosher Assassin Stoneman's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Center Barnstead, NH


    Colt 45 and two Zig-Zags, baby that's all we need...
    We can go to the park, pet the dogs, smoke that tumble weed...
    As the marijuana burns, we can take our time singin' them dirty rap songs...
    Stop and hit the bowl like Cheech & Chong, and sell tapes from here to Hong Kong...

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    Did you grit your teeth and try to look like Clint Fuckin' Eastwood?
    Or did you lisp it all hangfisted like a fuckin' flower?

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