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jim stoppani's shortcut to size

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    Re: jim stoppani's shortcut to size

    *wants to get bigger
    *doesn't eat enough
    *starts cycling to work for additional cardio
    *doesn't account for added calorie burn

    I see you're taking this getting big thing seriously.

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    Re: jim stoppani's shortcut to size

    lol, not really a getting big thing anymore...6 years later, it's evolved into just being healthy

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    Re: jim stoppani's shortcut to size

    Been around 3 weeks of freshly meal delivery...I am a fan! Just like the smoothies, If I stop eating the meals and use a few days of take out/unhealthy, I feel it. I eat one meal a day, change out my meals weekly (for variety), recycle as much as I can with no dishes. I canít emphasize how much I hate cleaning dishes. I did lose maybe 4-5lbs and found I can go from 144-151 just based on diet and water weight. Once my stupid rental is done and I get a tenant I am actually re-think a weight lifting regime.

    Freshly isnít so great if you are a foodie (Itís more sustenance for me), and if budget is really important and you can make 6 meals on a much lower and efficient price point than $60/week. Hello Fresh (meal kit - you have to cook it) has group on deals which make the meals $4-$6 for the first couple weeks

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