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Joined the club...

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    Oct 2001
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    Thumbs down Joined the club...

    Yay... I got laid off last friday too. 25% of the company gone just like that, 2 weeks after we got our first order. I was doing Java/J2EE Telecom stuff, but I'm thinking no more of that, something else within computers.

    I got a couple of leads but my father of all people is telling me to chill out and sit back and collect unemployment for a while and enjoy it. :O

    I'll be around for riding, I'm staying in MA with the parents for now, and I'm not going back to NH even if I do find a job around here... I'm either going to find someplace new in MA or I'm going to move FAR away if I find a job somewhere else. I really wanted to move to CA when I graduated from college, even though things aren't great there right now, I'm going to look for jobs out west too, maybe not in CA but somewhere out there. I might go back to school or (shock) join the air force too.

    Part of me really wants to sell my bike now, but it would be stupid, and I think I'd rip my hair out the minute it was gone.


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    Joined the club...

    Sorry to hear that, man. I hope you get some time off to relax, and find something worthwhile when you're ready.

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    yep out of work sux


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    Joined the club...

    I got laid off. I sold my bike. I regretted it every day thereafter.

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    Joined the club...

    Hey man, know how it feels. I joined the club on wednesday...
    Anyhow, keep yer chin up, and lets go ridin!

    I was telecom j2ee stuff as well... that market SUXXXXX right now.

    used to work for http://www.otcbb.com/asp/quotes.asp?Quotes=cptl

    so i know how it is...


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