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Leap Year PEM Visit

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    Leap Year PEM Visit

    So...my wife convinced me to use yesterday, leap year day, as a gift and take the day off. She came up with the idea to visit the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. (PEM | Peabody Essex Museum)

    What a gem. I never heard of it, and tend to suffer from 'museum overload' after and hour and a half or so...

    I will to go back for sure!!!

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    Re: Leap Year PEM Visit

    Wish I read this earlier, I probably could have got you in for free. A friend of mine works there.

    It is a really cool place, and up until my friend worked there I had no idea it existed.

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    Re: Leap Year PEM Visit

    That place looks awesome. I've never heard of it either...until now. Wife and I were just checking out the website and now we must go.

    Thanks Dave.

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