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Letter to Dear Abby (not work safe)

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    Letter to Dear Abby (not work safe)

    Letter to Dear Abby:

    Dear Abby;

    I met Laurie at a singles dance. I knew as soon as I looked at her that she was too young for me. I'm in my 50"s and she was 30, 23 years my junior. I really regretted it because we got along so well that evening. She made me feel so comfortable in her presence. Our age difference didn't seem to matter to her as much as it did to me. Abby, I told her I felt people were staring at us. I said they are probably wondering if I am your father. She thought I was being silly and said if I wanted to see her again she would be honored to go out with me. Laurie and I have been dating now for three months. I really like her and I think she likes
    me. Still, everywhere we go, I feel people watching us. Sometimes they just outright stare. It is very annoying and I know it is because of our age difference that draws these prolonged looks from everyone we meet. I just feel so uncomfortable about this whole thing and wonder if I should continue with the relationship. Why do people have to be so rude?

    PS: I have attached a picture of Laurie for your records

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    Letter to Dear Abby (not work safe)

    That looks like a woman I dated 30 years ago,

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    Letter to Dear Abby (not work safe)

    Funking NASTY!

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    Letter to Dear Abby (not work safe)

    .....at least she dosent need airbags in a car...perhaps a chiopractor tho

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    thoes r fake

    i hate fake i'd give her a nickel 2 jump on the trampolien thoe

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