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Lewis Black

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    Dictionary quoting knob stoinkythepig's Avatar
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    Lewis Black

    Sitting here at work listening to Lewis Black on my PC (with headphones). Damn, this guy is hysterical.

    The guidance counselers never mentioned this aspect of my choosen career in high school. I just lucked out I guess.

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    lost tool keet's Avatar
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    Lewis Black

    ive seen Lewis Black on comedy central...the "premium Blend"..standup stuff on there..yes...hes REALLY funny.....i like his style a lot.....hes always on the money...George Carlin is always funny too..and also close to my belief system...what ever the hell that means...lol

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    ultrabuddy twrayinma's Avatar
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    Lewis Black

    "if it wasn't for my horse......"

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    The only "intuitive" interface is the nipple.

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