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Message from Ian Lindley (userid norihaga)

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    Message from Ian Lindley (userid norihaga)

    Ian sent me this email yesterday and asked my to forward it to all NESR and SRNE folks. He didn't post too often, but you might know him from trackdays and rides. He's a bit shook up as he has family history of neurological disorders. Here's the email.

    <<Dear All:

    I have some bad news to pass on to you all, and I
    felt like it might as well come from me, rather than
    through some third party or not at all.

    For the last two months or so, I've been suffering
    from vertigo and dizziness, which has yet to receive
    any official medical diagnosis. Within the last week,
    I've started to experience some serious neurological
    symptoms, and as a result have been in three different
    emergency rooms in the last few days.

    No diagnosis has been given as yet, and no
    conclusive results returned from the tests done so
    far. However, my condition is poor and unimproved,
    and without naming names (for my own benefit), I fear
    the worst. What seems to remain uncertain is the
    likely progression and length of time involved, which
    awaits, at best, further appointments with

    Some of you I know very well, or are very close to,
    some less so, and some barely at all. Whatever the
    relation, I want to thank you all in advance for your
    many kindnesses and your company along the way.

    Some of you have made many sacrifices and put up
    with a lot of difficulty from me in the past, some of
    you have simply been kind enough to temporarily
    tolerate my presence, but all of you have in some way
    made my life better and happier. Many thanks for all
    your efforts.

    I especially want to express my thanks and great
    affection to my dear friends Christi & Chris Reed, Joe
    Cohen, and Pearlette Toussant, who have stood by me

    I think that at the ripe old age of 26, my reaction
    to this can be imagined, and I won't bore all of you
    with it. Suffice it to say, I am not a happy bunny.
    Praying for a miracle, I'll be continuing work at my
    law firm as long as possible to maintain my health
    insurance, though as you can imagine I'm suffering
    from a lack of motivation.

    Moral support during this time means a lot to me,
    for those who can spare it. Those of you who feel
    close to God, please set aside some space in your
    prayers for me. It's hard for me to feel God at work
    right now, though I'm trying - as usual, with
    Christi's help. But perhaps those in better graces
    will have more luck!

    For those of you who are colleagues or fellow
    lawyers, please absolutely do <i>not</i> distribute or
    discuss this e-mail to <i>anyone</i> within the firm,
    and anyone within the profession who you don't trust
    implicitly, for obvious reasons. Please, no

    I encourage the rest of you to pass on this message
    to anyone who knows me who's not included in the
    addresses above, or who you think may be of assistance
    to me.

    Please excuse any excess or lack of information in
    this e-mail. I'm unsure whether I'll have the time or
    opportunity to talk to or contact you all individually
    and I wanted to make sure all of you know what's going

    On the basis of personal experience, I'd like to
    offer the hackneyed and timeworn advice to be aware
    and careful of your health, and (seriously) not to
    take the most important things in life, your friends
    and family, for granted. I wish I could put it more
    eloquently, but I hope that those of you tempted to
    forget them in the rush to over-achieve will take this
    opportunity to reconsider your priorities.

    With the cliches out of the way, I'd like to close
    by offering my apologies for any wrongs I've done you
    all, as well as by wishing you all the very best of
    luck and all the blessings of a long and happy life.

    With Love,

    Ian D. Lindley

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    Message from Ian Lindley (userid norihaga)

    Being new to the group I don't think the wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting Ian.

    I can say one thing, he's one tough cookie. I could barely read that, can't imagine having to write it.

    With that said:
    Degsy, if there is ANYTHING you can think that we can do for this fellow rider please let us know.


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