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We just rented a brand new Nissan Sentra. It drove like it had 200k on the chassis and sounded like ass. LOL. Also had the big Hyundai SUV. That thing was pretty fugly, but functionally a good rig. Nicer ride than the Nissan, but it was pretty bare bones options wise.
Yeah, agree. Sentra looks good but doesn't drive like the Sentras from 30 years ago. I remember my 1991 SE-R - it was a wolf in Sheep's clothing. Great car. I know that Nissan is capable of making great products. It has the know how. It is all about cost and revenue. I think they are seeing the sales number plummet and realize they need to change something. They can't keep relying on the rental car industry to support the business. I hope that the new Pathfinder will be a step in the right direction. The Nissan Armada (Petrol) is a direct competitor to the Toyota Landcruiser and for the price, an excellent big SUV