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not milk

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    not milk

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    not milk

    Some of the funny pics from that site...hehe...

    Hehe, I don't think I'll be eating here.




    ok, I'm SO not going to this campground.


    TWO dollar blowjobs!!!


    Now THIS is the park I wanna go to!


    Religious genius at work.


    This one needs no explanation.


    Hey Derek, you need this shirt.


    The best ad campagne ever!


    Don't forget mom...


    Another failed dot com..


    I'll stick with exercise, thanks anyway.


    Going bald? Gay like SliverStuffer?


    At least this guy isn't bullshittin'.


    I'm more afraid of the police now than ever before.


    Sounds like a reasonable exception to the rule.


    You KNOW someone caused this to be necessary.




    Did you vote yet, SS?


    Computer parts give me tight pants.


    I don't like these rules (at least the first one)




    All of the dogs are like WTF?!


    I'll use this image around here again, I'm sure.


    Time to hire more intelligent people at the movie shop.




    Now this is just wrong...


    This guy is SO HIRED!


    Finally, a worthy penalty for tresspassing (sorry Q! hahha)


    And last but not least...I won't comment tho.


    I always liked this one:


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