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NESR Construction...

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    Thumbs up NESR Construction...

    Big fookin' props to Mick (zombie), Ed (PinHead), Jeff (bemused), and Gordon (scootertrash) for helping me out this weekend with my oldest girl's room. Yet another incredibly great thing that comes from this frat we call NESR!!!

    I've still got a little work to do. A coupla the corners and summa the seems that didn't have recessed edges needed a light third coat. One more light sanding once it's dry and I'm good to prime!

    Degsy & Beth are gonna LOVE their new Honeymoon Suite!

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    NESR Construction...

    OK Ed...remind me again...when you draw two parallel lines and a squiggle between them, is that where I am suppose to put da screws or NOT put da screws...

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