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News Report: Spanking May Lead to Risky Sex

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    News Report: Spanking May Lead to Risky Sex

    FOXNews.com - Study: Spanking May Lead to Sexual Problems Later in Life - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

    NO FUCKING WAY. So...I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit against my parents!

    Hold on a sec...my wife's yelling something...Ok. All better now. If that bitch would just put the lotion in the fucking basket and do what its told, I wouldn't have to give her the hose again.

    Carry on.

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    Re: News Report: Spanking May Lead to Risky Sex

    "this is going to hurt me more than you".......

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    Re: News Report: Spanking May Lead to Risky Sex

    my mom used to beat me like i owed her money at times.

    stragest thing your parents ever hit you with?

    my mom kicked the shit out of me with a piece of my old hotwheel track i had left on the floor

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    Re: News Report: Spanking May Lead to Risky Sex

    One of those Big Red plastic wiffleball bats... :ouch:

    "more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior as adults and also are more likely to be "physically or verbally coercing" to a sexual partner and engage in masochistic sex, including arousal by spanking, later in life."

    True, Very ture. :

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