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for people who forward stupid hoax emails.

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    for people who forward stupid hoax emails.

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    for people who forward stupid hoax emails.

    I love that shit. A few times people here at my work have emailed the whole company telling them to search their harddrive for 'jdbmgr.exe' and if they find it, delete it! AND to email everyone they know and tell them to do the same.

    Fortunately that one won't ruin anyone's life unless they're a java developer, but it still totally pisses me off that they try to take matters into their own hands. They don't even understand how to add a fucking network printer dammit! There's NO way they're qualified to tell the whole company to start deleting Windows system files!

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    for people who forward stupid hoax emails.

    thanx, Degs... I've been lookin' for that. lost it a little while ago when I switched some files in my computer.

    now I've got the ready reply again to the idiot emails that regularly come my way... from well-meaning people that; if you personally handed them a clue, it would soon die of loneliness.

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    for people who forward stupid hoax emails.

    That is now saved on the fav. menu.

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