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Pics and Vid from the Raptor Assault program in UT

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    Pics and Vid from the Raptor Assault program in UT

    Flew out to UT for this free program offered from Ford Performance.

    Hiked a small mountain the day before to get a good view of Salt Lake City and the mountains.

    Sunday night was a reception at the facility with tons of cool cars, including this ULTRA rare RS200.

    the next day we were split into groups of 2 at Miller Motorsport Park and given a new raptor for the day, ours had 900 miles on it.

    The day went as follows: Classroom session, SMALL dirt racecourse to test out the different driving modes, rock crawl session, trail session up to 7,200 feet with lunch at the top, then a fast baja session, ending with a graduation ceremony and a bunch of swag.

    Heres a quick 1 minute vid I threw together. The fisheye lens on the gopro ruins the sense of how steep anything is. The climb was 21 degrees (you can mostly only see blue sky, hence the spotter), the sidehill did scare me a bit with 30 degrees of angle, and the baja run topped out around 60 and it was VERY narrow.

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    Re: Pics and Vid from the Raptor Assault program in UT

    Looks like a great trip, very jealous! Must be a nice feeling to totally beat on a car/truck without worrying about damage haha. I gotta try baja mode...

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