I have a standard symons temptura modelA

the diverter handle broke off so I ordered a new handle, valve,
hot/cold seats t-17 seals and

so from the diagram.. I did.
TA-4, TA-10, TA-25a/b T-16 and some of the trim..

initially i didnt realize that you had to have the valve all the way open in order to remove T-11 so i put some grunt into it as i thought it was full of corrosion.
once i realized what the prob was, i opened the valve and got the assmbly out..
i put in the cold/hot seats.. replaced the diverter.. replaced the seals that seal TA-10 to T-11 (T-16) and put it all back in.
i used plumbah grease for all the seals..
it works, but its really stiff and squeaks.. the noise sounds like when you have dry seals yet I put grease on them.
I also have to tighten it much harder than the old one to get the water to turn off...

did I over tighten something???
are the cold/hot seats damaged and thats why i have to close it pretty hard to stop the water?

anyone ever hear of this before ?

any plumbahs out there?-symmons-temptrol-shower-valves_378204-jpg