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Poser Piont Value

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    Lifer SEVENSGT's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Warwick, RI

    Question Poser Piont Value



    Carbon Fiber Frame - 50
    Carbon/Kevlar Bodywork - 25
    Carbon/Kevlar Fiber Tank - 20
    Chameleon Paint - 15
    Large Metal Flake Paint - 15
    CF Hugger - 10
    CF Front Fender - 10
    Polished Frame - 10
    Polished Swingarm - 7


    Carbon Fiber Rims - 25
    Single-Sided Swingarm Conversion - 20
    Magnesium Rims - 15
    Polished/Chromed Lengthened Swingarm - 15
    Chrome Rims - 15
    Polished Rims - 10
    Lengthened Swingarm - 10
    Polished Lip of Rim - 5

    Large (>1") Unused Portion of Tire on the Sides - 10
    Small (½"-1") Unused portion of Tire on the Sides - 5
    Ohlins or Other Aftermarket Suspension and Large Unused portion of Tire on the Sides - 20
    Ohlins or Other Aftermarket Suspension and Small Unused portion of Tire on the Sides - 10


    Anodized Titanium (Rainbow colored) - 15
    Aftermarket Underseat - 15
    Shotgun - 10
    Carbon Fiber - 5
    Titanium - 5


    Neon lights - 20
    No Rear Fender (at all) - 10
    Carbon Fiber Case Cover(s) - 7
    License Plate Located Inside Rear Fender - 5
    No turn signals (at all) - 5
    Colored Aluminum Bolt Kit - 5
    Alarm System - 5
    Colored Headlight bulb - 5
    Carbon Fiber Dash Cover - 5
    Other Carbon/Kevlar Fiber or Carbon-lookalike Accessory - 2 for each part
    Polished or Chromed Accessory - 1 for each part
    Stock Fender - SUBTRACT 5
    Still Have Reflectors - SUBTRACT 5


    -10 to 0 Why even own a sportbike? Go buy yourself a BMW K1200LT.

    1 to 10 You like to ride your motorcycle and can ride it well, for the most part. More
    than likely you’re really a true poser, though. You just bought your bike and
    are too poor to afford carbon fiber right now.

    11 to 25 Some of you can ride, and some of you can’t. If you’ve done some track days and
    not crashed then you can ride pretty well. Otherwise you’re still saving money
    for the chrome wheels and CF tank.

    26 to 40 You ride on weekends to the local hangout and talk about bikes. Then you ride
    home. Rarely do you see anything resembling a turn other than the cloverleaf on
    the way to and from the hangout. You spend more money on your bike in a month
    than you do for your rent or mortgage. You have 1000 shares of Lockhart Phillips

    41 to 60 Generally you ride around in a straight line real fast, can’t turn, can’t brake,
    and think the MSF stands for “Motorcycle Stunt Fund”, to which you donate $100 a
    year. You have specially made sandals that have a shifter pad on the left foot.

    61 to 80 You like to do stunts on your bike such as stoppies and wheelies, but wrecked
    last week when you botched up a burnout. When this happened you scratched your
    unused knee slider on your color-matched-to-your-bike leathers. You told all
    your friends who didn't see the incident that you finally got your knee down.
    Fortunately the CF case covers, CF-look bar ends, and CF-look mirrors saved the
    new chameleon paint job.

    81 to 99 You are only one step away from the ultimate poser. You rationalize that all the
    modifications make your bike so much lighter and more flickable than even a
    factory racebike. Unfortunately the neon lights are weighing you down and you're
    thinking about tossing them.

    >/=100 You are the Ultimate Poser. You won first place in this spring's bike show for
    the "Most Modified Sportbike". You have more money in your bike than is legal.
    When you go riding on the weekends with your buds, your excuse for being in the
    back of the pack is that you don't want to push it and wreck your toy. Fact is,
    you just can't ride. "Countersteering" is not in your vocabulary. You only ride
    to pick up chicks.

    Are You A Poser?

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    Super Moderator legalspeed's Avatar
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    Somersworth, NH

    Poser Piont Value

    LOL :19, I've done the track days, ride very well.

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    LRRS\CCS\WERA #486

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    Lifer oreo_n2's Avatar
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    Amherst, NH

    Poser Piont Value

    Woo Hoo, i am a poser too. i always knew i could do it.

    came in with 45 points now, soon to be 75 once i get the factory tail section replaced with the fender eliminator.


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    Brent LRRS #772
    2006 KTM 560 SMR

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    ultrabuddy twrayinma's Avatar
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    Poser Piont Value

    i'll have to go measure my chicken strips before i know if i'm -5 or -10.

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    Bedford, MA

    Poser Piont Value

    -5 Baby! I guess that means I just push my bike around the driveway every once in a while?

    Small amount of unused tire +5 (Yay track day!)
    Stock Fender -5
    Have reflectors -5

    But the verdicts are kind of funny... So if you bought a bike and just rode it at the track you'd probably still be under 20. How would someone like that be a poser. There should be more subtractions for people who actually ride, like:

    MSF basic course -5
    MSF Advanced course -5
    Track day -10
    Racing school -20
    You race -25
    You win races -30
    You are a pro racer -100
    You ride >10,000miles per year -10

    Also they forgot to put in points for scraping pegs, exhaust, etc..

    Scraped pegs -5
    Peg feelers worn completely off -10
    Scraped exhaust -15
    Knee and Elbow sliders actually get used -20
    Took a belt sander to your pegs, can, and sliders +50 (I mean that is the real poser thing right there right?)


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