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Prices for a Chimney

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    Prices for a Chimney

    So we heat by oil primarily and I use a Kerosene heater in the basement on occasion. I'd like to have a wood stove in the basement and once the addition gets put on I'd like to have a small wood stove on the first floor.

    Basically I'm looking for a rough idea of cost to do an external dual flu chimney from the basement level all the way to near the peak of a 2 story house. It's already dug out, so I'd just need someone to come in, pour the base, punch the hole in the foundation for the basement stove and build the chimney up. Once we put the addition on it will become an indoor chimney since the addition will be built around it.

    Anyone have any guesses on cost? Things I should keep in mind?

    I grew up burning wood so experience is not a concern. Also wood isn't either. I easily have 4+ cord of dead standing dry wood withing 200ft of the front door with more out farther.

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    Prices for a Chimney

    When I got prices, it was $50 per foot per flue for labor and matirials. That was just block and a flue though, brick I'm sure was MUCH more. So for a double flue, mine was $100 per foot

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    Prices for a Chimney

    Don't forget: If you're burning wood in a brick & mortar chimney, you'll need to get it lined too...

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    Prices for a Chimney

    Better start soon, santa's coming in less then a month and needs some way to get in.

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