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Random picture thread.

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    Lifer oreo_n2's Avatar
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    Amherst, NH

    Random picture thread.

    I believe the proper term here would be

    So Stihl... who you stealing turds from?

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    Brent LRRS #772
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    Just Registered beet's Avatar
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    what kind of shit is this ????

    I hope you aint smoking the shit again

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    Heres a condom. I figured since youre acting like a dick, you should dress like one too.

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    Random picture thread.

    That would be human escrement.
    I wont say who it belongs too.
    I had the same photo with a tickle me elmo laying next to it.I still have the photo and it is in avatar size.

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    If it aint broke,break it!

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