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my x-rays & stuff - potentially gross

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    my x-rays & stuff - potentially gross

    Originally posted by SWEET_Z
    Just out of curiosity, what's it like having the metal bits coming out of your hand? Do they give you tons of pain killer or can you feel the bars going in?
    the skin around 'em is tender... i sometimes whack 'em accidentally, and that doesn't feel good. and also have to clean 'em myself every day... that stings a bit.
    but i don't notice it much anymore... if i turn my arm over too much, i can feel the weight dragging on my arm, but that's about it.

    funny story: we went to the mall yesterday just so i could have a long straightaway to walk along... (my house has a very small footprint, so i can't walk very far)
    but we forgot that it's, you know... fucking christmas shopping season, so of course it was packed. people were *totally* staring at my arm. it was like if they didn't make eye contact, we wouldn't notice.
    hee hee.

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    totally relate to hitting something with pins in your arm, i had them in my leg. they were the only thing holding my bones in place , and then smack! and all you can do is grin and bare it. just look at it this way you be in riding condition for this summer. happy happy joy joy

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    my x-rays & stuff - potentially gross

    T you have to move up to NH like me, although its busy where I live I could go 15 mintues east, west or north and be in hicksville good luck with you your rehab. Once spring time comes around your itch to ride will take over the fear to ride....trust me! Best of luck!

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