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replacing an oil burner.... options?

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    replacing an oil burner.... options?

    So the 30 yo oil burner is done. its a Forced hot water
    Started leaking out of the side. We are not eligible for mass save rebates due to our electrical provider not being one of the listed utilit companies ( we are reading municipal dept.)

    We have 3 zone/ floors to heat. The basement is finished and we dont heat it in the winter as its warm enough as is.
    House is 3000 Sq ft built in 88, decently insulated.

    Current boiler is 130k? BTU, have had the oil supplier come out and state we can go lower on the boiler output
    No Gas line to be able to connect to unfortunately.

    PS our boiler does not pre heat the water. We have LP tank on site for the dryer, stove and hot water

    What are my options?

    1- Place like for like and an oil burner with smaller output will run 7200 - 8600 OTD depending on brand. Boiler it self was about 5Gs

    Pros- known and trusted Cons- takes up space

    2- Upgrade to LP burner wall mounted, an estimate I received was about 15k for 4 zones (basement including) new 1 1/4" supply line, manifold for boiler, stove, dryer, removal of oil tank, permit etc)
    Fellow said I could expect to pay about 100-125 / mth for heating entire house and water (We wouldnt need the water heater anymore) so I'd roughly save about 12-1400/ mth on heating costs
    I dont have the official estimate but its an IBC boiler DC 20-125 model up to 125k btu. seems like a "smart" unit. only heats up to temp necessary based on outside ambient temp etc
    Price seems high but its my only price point for LP boiler so far, would like to get another

    Pros- more space cheaper heating, get rid of oil tank Cons- high install cost, longer time to pay off, no yearly maintenance like oil

    3- Wall mounted oil burner? would still carry the hot water heater LP. One plumber said the temp of the supply water may be too low in winter for efficient heating and need "pre tank" no idea on price, Pros- more room

    Do I have nay other options or does someone know more about the LP boiler or a reference where I can get an estimate?

    Luckily I can take my time as its summer and dont need the heat right now

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    Re: replacing an oil burner.... options?

    LP is a tough call as that price can fluctuate more than oil typically. I hate oil burners as they get dirty so easy and need attention every year. I do have oil, but will be changing to LP in the coming years.

    Btu's are btu's, LP isn't some miracle gas that reduces the heating load on your house. What you are paying now is what you will pay in the future sans a could efficiency points on new boiler operation. Ambient reset and some of the other features help a little, but dropping 50%+ on your heating costs are not feasible.

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