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Anyone have a residential / interior oven burning propane?

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    Anyone have a residential / interior oven burning propane?

    We're looking at a house that does not have natural gas (there is no gas on the street so bringing it into the house right now is not an option). I'd like to know if anyone cooks with propane in the house, and what your experiences / tips might be.


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    I have an LP stove/range at my place in NH and gas at my regular house.

    All I can tell you is the LP flame seems to be much much stronger.

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    Re: Anyone have a residential / interior oven burning propane?

    converting a stove from NG to LPG is as simple as changing the air orficies at the burners, most appliances can burn either with just a simple adjustment

    LPG has more energy

    I cook, heat my hot water and run my dryer on LPG, a lot less costly than electric

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    Re: Anyone have a residential / interior oven burning propane?

    I run my cooking stove on propane.

    Works great. I'll never go back to electric.


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